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 From Concept To Reality

Every project begins with a vision. Citadel Construction turns those visions into reality, either using your architect or our in house design team. Our Project team begins by reviewing your proposed project, assessing the viability and suitability of building to raw land. Constructability and value engineering ideas are discussed with the architect and client to achieve a realistic end design. Architectural plans are then finalized, design and construction documents developed, costs and budgets established.

At the end of the design and development phase, Citadel’s project team provides a guaranteed maximum cost of work. This cost is determined utilizing our historical cost information system developed over 30 years of construction experience then individualized to fit the particular scope of each project.

Upon completion of all construction documents, competitive bids from subcontractors are obtained, reviewed with the architect and client, and selections are made. In addition, the management team assists to expedite the permit acquisition process.

With permit in hand, the vision has taken a major step towards becoming a reality. Construction commences with the first turn of earth.

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Roger V. Johnson,

Studied Architecture & Design at E.W.U. from 1963 to 1967. Citadel Construction started in 1983 with Roger Johnson forming a new corporation in January of 1984. Roger has been President and CEO of Citadel Construction from that date.

Dan Altimore,
Vice President
Has been involved in the architectural/construction business since 1968. Projects have almost predominently been commercial and institutional buildings ranging in size from small remodels to larger buildings to $10,000,000.00. Dan has worked with Citadel Construction as a Project Manager since 1993.

Dale Beauchamp,
Project Manager,
Has been in the construction business for the past 34 years and employed by Citadel Construction since August 1984. He has handles major projects in tilt-ups and large shopping center construction.

Todd M. Johnson,
Project Manager, Estimator
Has been in the construction business for the past 20 years. Working on various projects ranging from $200,000 - $2,000,000. He hs been with Citadel Construction since 1986.

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